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  • Rev. David Carl Olson

    Lead Minister

    David Carl Olson has loved Baltimore since his arrival to become our minister in 2009. He is, by training, a performer—singer, actor, feeble dancer, and beginning instrumentalist—and his love for grand performance spaces is ignited in our historic home. He was for a decade a musical theater artist in residence in schools and community centers throughout Massachusetts and directed community presentations by dozens and even hundreds of performers. He likes to “think big.”

  • Mike Franch

    Affiliate Minister

    Affiliate Minister Dr. Michael S. Franch has been involved with First Church since 1984. Mike was Leader (minister) of the Baltimore Ethical Society for nine years before that. He is active in pastoral care, the Fest Committee, and various other church committees. One of his great joys is coordinating our monthly Book Group.

  • Rev. Dale Lantz

    Endorsed Community Minister

    Reverend Lantz has been an Endorsed Community Minister with FUCB since 2006. He has been a member of First Unitarian Church of Baltimore since 2005 when he and his spouse, Martha, moved to Baltimore from Wilmington, Delaware. Dale is working closely with the Homelessness and Poverty Task Force to offer a class on a process of self-awareness called “WholeBody Focusing” (WBF) for women at Day Spring. Both residents and staff have expressed an interest in the class, which will include yoga and meditation.