Senior OWL (10th-12th grade) will be offered Feb 7th through April 4th 2017. 

Think back to your middle school and high school years. If you were like most teenagers, you had lots of questions about your body and relationships with others. Perhaps you didn’t understand why your skin was breaking out or why your stomach did flips when you saw a particular classmate. Maybe you worried that you would never have a romantic partner or what you would do if you did!

Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a comprehensive sexuality program designed to alleviate those worries and answer the tough questions that we all have about sexuality. The curriculum was co-written by the Unitarian Universalist Association and United Church of Christ (UCC). Its premise is simple: everyone is sexual, from birth to death, and diversity in sexuality is normal.

First Unitarian Church of Baltimore currently offers OWL for two age groups: 6th – 9th graders and 10th – 12th graders. We are always looking for more OWL facilitators. Training is offered at various times of the year and is required.

Scheduled OWL classes are announced well in advance. Registration and a parent orientation are required, as well as a commitment to attend each session.

For more information about the OWL program—and why it’s an important aspect of our programming—visit Why Does OWL Matter?