Power to Power

It is an exciting time to be a supporter of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights in Maryland and in the Baltimore region! Our House of Delegates last week approved a bill to create marriage equality for same sex couples. The Senate is expected to approve a similar bill this week, and the Governor has pledged to sign it when it is delivered. The Baltimore County Council will vote on extending civil rights protections to transgendered people. Lots of advocacy and activity, and even some victories. An exciting time! These victories reflect changes in our broader culture, changes which have occurred because people spoke the truths of their lives. Harvey Milk, San Francisco City Supervisor in the 1970s and martyr, encouraged us to “Come out” as the principal mechanism by which we might create change. Speaking truth to power is more than demonstrating in front of city hall or a corporate headquarters. All of us have power; all people with whom we meet have power. Speaking truth to power may be speaking our deepest truths to all around us. While speaking one’s truth must simply be done by each of us, this is not easy to do on one’s own. Having a community that supports courageous acts of honesty turns the individual’s profession into a collective act: a congregation knows that it is creating the possibility for its members to speak their truths. Congregations speaking such truth find each other. Their voices echo off one another, supporting and refining their messages. The broader culture responds, adapting to the emerging truth, creating some tension among competing truths, resolving tension dynamically with a new culture. Unitarian Universalism teaches that all of life is connected, one interdependent web of which we are all a part. The grace of such a notion is that all our actions make a difference; that the smallest truth-telling has an importance beyond our imagination. And so we act . . . and so the culture changes . . . and so we live in exciting times.

One response to “Power to Power

  1. So proud to be a Marylander these days!
    However, I am sure that we’ll have to fight for this right to remain on the books. We will have to face our very own Prop 8 come November.
    I think it’s important that we begin working towards ensuring that those on the side of equal rights for all come out and vote this year.

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