Rain barrel!

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I watered my garden today with rainwater collected last weekend by the new rain barrels I bought, courtesy of Baltimore County (not the jurisdiction I live in). Although I have not connected them to the downspouts oF my house’s gutter system, I was able to collect nearly a hundred gallons just leaving them under the biggest cracks in the copper gutters.

There is something satisfying to me knowing that I am conserving rainwater for my own recreational purpose. Water is a problem at my house. The water provided by Baltimore City is very expensive, and my house has a serious flooding problem that I am beginning to alleviate. To capture rainwater means that I don’t have to pay for it (beyond the cost of the barrel); that the rain will be controlled and not run into my basement; and it will be available for my gardening hobby which is also part of my spiritual practice. Satisfying!

Caring for this system which sustains us is my tiny but conscious contribution to the long-term sustainability of our planet. I depend on the planet; I hope the planet can depend on me.

Unitarian Universalists congregations affirm and promote . . . the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

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