RE Class of the Week: Questers!

Four quests

Our Questers class met for the first time on Sunday. This year the group (3rd-6th graders) is using the “Questing Year” curriculum, which features four different kinds of lessons, each focusing on a different faith development theme:

• Action Quest — This central quest invites youngsters to live their principles and realize their faith through a social action project of their own choice and design.
• Inner Quest — Participants explore their own natures and their relationships to others, with frequent reference to spiritual, denominational, and social action questions and issues.
• UU Quest — By considering local and denominational principles and programs and through studying the lives of outstanding UUs, participants consider what Unitarian Universalism can and might mean to their own lives and actions.
• Mystery Quest — This spiritual component helps group members come to individual understandings of the first causes and controlling forces that help shape them, their universe, their lives, and their actions.

In their first week, the Questers had an introduction to the curriculum and worked together to build a class covenant. Throughout the year they will learn more about Unitarian Universalism, about themselves, and how to help the world with their own time and talents. Please stay tuned to learn about their social justice and other initiatives and support them when you can!

See you in church!

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