Religious Education Visioning mini-workshop, Jun 13

Your Religious Education Committee will be embarking on some important work this summer! Our meeting on Thursday, June 13 (6:30-8:30 pm at the church) will include RE Committee members and other interested parties and will focus entirely on two questions:

• What is the purpose of Religious Education for Children and Youth?

• What should be the priorities of our program? What are the most important elements of religious education on which we should be focusing our resources?

These are questions we will be thinking about and working on with the whole congregation throughout the year, but will begin with our own process at this June meeting. To prepare, I have gathered some resources that can inform our conversation. They are available online to view and download. I am hopeful that each participant at our June meeting can read through this information to enable us to start from a foundation of thoughts on the topic. Please read as much as you can, but if you find time is short, concentrate on items I, II, and VI of the packet (Guiding Questions, Tapestry of Faith Vision Statement, and First Unitarian RE Families Survey).

If you’d like to be part of our visioning process this summer, please RSVP to Becky. I hope you can join us!

I look forward to our work in June and throughout the year!

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