Terracycle for Church and the Earth!

by Molly Ruhlman

Terracycle is an organization that will collect often otherwise un-recyclable items and also pay a small amount for the items you send. I have set up a stack of four plastic bins in the hall across from the Kitchen, where the other recycle bins are. Each bin has a sign that lists what it can collect. Please gather as many of these items as you can, from your house or work or elsewhere. In addition to raising a little money, it will be great to have a place to send these things other than the trash heap. Here is a run down of what you can bring in: 

Elmer’s Glue and Scotch Tape: Empty glue sticks or other Elmer’s glue product containers, any brand of empty tape rolls and dispensers. 

Cleaning Supply Packaging: Containers, lids, triggers, and refill bags (like Method brand bags) for all kinds of cleaning supplies, any brand. 

Personal Care/Beauty Items: lipstick cases, mascara tubes, eyeliner pencils, other makeup containers, shampoo and conditioner bottles, foundation packaging, body wash containers, soap and lotion dispensers, powder cases, chapstick tubes, hair gel tubes, deodorant sticks, etc! (more detailed list posted on the tub)

Flexible Cheese Packaging: The plastic bags that shredded cheese, or other kinds of cheese come in, and also the thin plastic wrapper from individual cheese slices and cheese sticks. Really, any flexible cheese packaging of any brand.

Dairy Tubs and Lids: Yogurt cups, butter tubs, ricotta cheese, sour cream, you name it. Also their lids, including foil tops!

Sure, the city and might recycle your plastic dairy tubs or shampoo bottle for you, but if you bring them to church you help us raise some money! And don’t forget that we also collect cans to raise money. 

Questions? Email me (Molly Ruhlman) at terracycle@firstunitarian.net

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