Oh My Goodness!

A controversy was brewing in New England in the years after the establishment of our country. Some called it a political controversy about who would be in charge. Others called it a theological controversy about the nature of God. But Rev. Olson imagines that it might have been about goodness—how good humans are, to start, … Continued

Our Wounds and Our Work

In order to do interfaith social justice work, Unitarian Universalists must be prepared to dialogue and collaborate with people who share some but not all of our values. At the same time, many of us need to heal our own religious wounds before we can fully engage with people of other faiths. How do we learn to pray and … Continued

A Lifetime is a Promise to Keep

First Unitarian Church of Baltimore has built community in Baltimore and committed itself to an open and reasonable approach to religion for nearly 200 years. Rev. Olson will tell some of the story of the New England merchants who came to Baltimore at the end of the War of 1812—and who decided to stay. They … Continued