Board passes resolution to support voting rights for youth

The Board of Trustees of the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore passes a resolution in support of the Youth Adult Committee’s voting rights proposal at their meeting on March 20:

• Whereas the Youth Adult Committee has diligently researched the advisability of allowing Youth to Vote, and

• Whereas the YAC has surveyed the congregation, winning the support of at least sixty-five members, and

• Whereas the 5th UUA principle discusses the use of the Democratic Process, and

• Whereas our own Bylaws prohibit age-based discrimination, and

• Whereas we acknowledge Coming of Age as a rite of Passage into Religious Adulthood,

The Trustees of FUCB(UU) declare that it is advisable to amend Article IV of the the congregational constitution and Article II section 4 of the Bylaws in keeping with the YAC’s recommendations in the following manner:

“Members of the church WHO HAVE COMPLETED THE COMING OF AGE PROGRAM, or who are eighteen years or older, have been members for the preceding three months, and who in addition, have either participated in the activities of the church or have made a recorded financial contribution to the church are eligible to vote at meetings of the congregation.”

The Board will present the YAC’s proposed Constitutional and Bylaw amendment at the Annual Congregational Meeting on April 22. The ammendment will be up for a vote at the next Congregational meeting, either a special meeting or the regularly scheduled Annual Meeting. In either case, the ammendment requires a 2/3 majority vote to be enacted, for both the Constitution and the Bylaws. 

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