We, the Board of Trustees of the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore, covenant to:

  • Be respectful, honest, open, and intentional in our communications and to act in good will towards one another for the greater good of First Unitarian Church of Baltimore;
  • Affirm the gifts each brings to the Board and to seek to support each other in fulfilling our varied responsibilities;
  • Express and maintain clear personal and professional boundaries while respecting the boundaries of others;
  • Promote direct communication by handling complaints or concerns brought to us by another elected Board member, by a staff member, by the minister, or by a member of the church community by:

Asking the member with the complaint/concern to approach the person directly;

Offering to go with the member to speak to the person;

Offering to speak with the person, using the member’s name;

Approaching the person with the complaint/concern as our own if we agree with the complaint/concern; or

Advising the member that the matter is dropped.

  • Engage in constructive (not destructive) conversations, privately or together, intended to enhance team work;
  • Address issues and specific behaviors: do not engage in personal attacks.
  • Honor confidentiality;
  • Understand that differences of opinion are expected and welcome, but once we have come to a decision we agree to accept it; members are free to speak their truth and vote their truth in congregational meetings;
  • Board members agree to phrase comments and suggestions respectfully, and to remind one another to do so; and
  • Board members accept responsibility for calling the Board to account when the covenant is not being honored.

We, the Board of Trustees of the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore, enter this covenant to encourage healthy behavior among Board members, staff members, and members of the church community. We agree to review this covenant at least annually, by September. We hope that our covenant will give each of us, individually and as a group, the strength to make difficult statements or to take difficult positions. We honor the necessity and challenge to fulfill this covenant.

Approved by First Unitarian Church of Baltimore Board of Trustees

August, 2016