For almost 200 years, the First Unitarian Church of Baltimore has provided ethical, moral, and spiritual sustenance to religious liberals, offering a home to those who believe there is more than one source of truth. As stewards of this living tradition, we are responsible for sustaining it and helping it flourish. We make a commitment to pledge time, talent, and treasure to sustain our church and to pass our tradition on to future generations.

Our stewardship of the church is individuals’ recognition of their responsibility for the church’s management and well-being. More than 70 percent of the revenue of our church comes from congregational contributions.

Making a financial commitment is a way of expressing your overall commitment to the church, its mission, and its activities. Through your pledge, you help ensure that the aspects of the church you value most will continue to be there now and for future generations.

To this end, each spring, members and friends make a monetary pledge for the following fiscal year. In turn, the board of trustees presents a budget based on anticipated income. Overwhelmingly, the revenue that funds the church’s operations comes from members’ contributions. If you have made a pledge already, click here to make your payment online. If you haven’t made a pledge, you can do so here.

Although pledges provide the primary revenue for the church, there are other opportunities to support church functions. These include:

  • A Thanksgiving Offering for special projects
  • Occasional offerings for projects outside our church
  • Fundraising events and activities
  • The Organ Restoration Fund
  • Wills and bequests
  • Capital campaigns