meetingAt First Unitarian Church of Baltimore, adult programming is divided into two tracks: social justice (SJ) and religion and spirituality (RS). All Sunday-morning workshops are drop-in, but many evening and weekend programs require registration. In addition, we offer one-time lectures and special events.

Here’s what we have planned for 2017!

Block 4: March 21 – April 16

Building Your Own Theology (RS)

Led by Rev. Doreion Colter 

It is not easy being a Unitarian Universalist however we are encouraged to embark upon our own search for truth and meaning.  It is both a privilege and a task that each of us support each other in as we build community together.  This class will be your opportunity to begin your search for truth and meaning as a Unitarian Unliveliest.

Making Whiteness Visible (SJ)

Led by Dorothy Critcher and Nancy West

“Mirrors of Privilege: Making Whiteness Visible” from World Trust offers us a look at White identity development and at White privilege. It is designed for all people, regardless of race, creed or gender. This type of dialogue creates potentials for deep learning, healing and change. Inevitably, we will be practicing the skills needed to help us be more humane as beings.

These stories help us communicate more authentically and effectively as we practice deep listening and critical inquiry and experience some of the multiple ways we walk through the world.

We will use World Trust’s DVD to access, and then work with, personal stories relevant to these issues. World Trust brought us “Cracking the Codes” as a part of a national conversation on race and culture in the United States.