“Tapas” Spiritual Development Hour

Tapas is the Sanskrit verb “to heat.” In the religious life, it can mean the inner drive to spiritual development through meditation, yoga and other practices. Each Sunday, we offer small group learning opportunities to develop our connections within the community and to provide a chance for personal growth. (Childcare offered in the Sprouts room)


Current Classes (through October 15)

Doors Open First Unitarian

This course, offered by Church Historian Catherine Evans, is designed both for newcomers who don’t yet know about the church’s rich history and for folks who have who have been members a while, but wish to extend their knowledge.  Individuals who participate will be prepared to answer visitors’ questions throughout the year and serve as guides, if they wish.  They will also be able to host visitors for the church’s participation in Doors Open Baltimore.  Hope you’ll join us!

Location: the Explorers room (1st floor, Education wing)


Gratitude on Steroids—The deeper connections.

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (aka Compassionate Communication) is a tool we with which can truly hear and understand one another’s shared values while holding everyone’s needs with care. It uses words and language with intention as a spiritual practice required by our principles. It combines mindfulness with tools and consciousness. With Holy Curiosity, we individuals can bring compassion and justice to our community. We recognize what is alive in ourselves, so we can make our lives more enjoyable and can recognize and honor that which is alive in others. In fact, once all parties have been heard and know that their needs matter, strategies usually organically evolve win-win. I have seen it work, and it can be like magic.

Following the recommendations of the leaders at Summer Institute, we will study from  “Connecting Across Differences,” by Jane Marantz Connor, Ph.D. & Dian Killian, Ph.D., which combines teaching the process with exercises. We’ll discuss the book, play NVC games, do exercises, and practice on each other. The book will be available at cost, which will be about $12.  It would be helpful to read the book, but if you don’t, you will learn just from attending.

Alice Lium has studied mediation in the inclusive model, and currently is mediating with the District Court in Civil and Rent Court. She recently attended the UU camp at Ohio Meadville District Summer Institute where the theme speaker and Alice’s chosen workshop both centered on Nonviolent Communication.

Location: the Youth Room (2nd floor, near Rev. Olson’s office)


Coming Up…Nov 5 – Dec 3

UU and Me: a storied conversation 

Come learn about your fellow First Unitarians! This will be a speaker series featuring our very own members. We will take time to listen to stories as we take turns telling our own stories. The Nov 5 – Dec 3 series will include the following speakers: Elizabeth Engleman and Stephen Cleghorn, Michelle Lee, Pat Montley and Sally Wall, Kathleen Flahive, and Moses Sumler! This is a drop in class; come when you can.

Buddhist Practices

Join Johnathan Roberts to learn about buddhist practices and meditation. More information to come!


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January 14 – February 19

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April 22 – May 27

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