meetingAt First Unitarian Church of Baltimore, adult programming is divided into two tracks: social justice (SJ) and religion and spirituality (RS). All Sunday-morning workshops are drop-in, but many evening and weekend programs require registration. In addition, we offer one-time lectures and special events.

Here’s what we have planned for 2017!

Block 5: May 7 to June 11

Finding Our Power* Led by Dr. Molly Ruhlman

What is power? How do ordinary individuals affect change? Civil society organizations, mass publics, and transnational advocacynetworks have shaped international law, changed corporate practices, and topped political regimes. In this discussion series we willconsider our own power and influence, both locally and globally while reviewing social movement theory, strategies of creative participation, and you.

*In Block 5 of this program year there will be just one 9:30 Adult RE class offered. We will return to offering 2 classes each week during our next program year.