Mystery Buddies Sign Ups Begin Feb. 3

Drop by the Religious Education Table any Sunday in February to sign up to be a Mystery Buddy!


What are Mystery Buddies?

In this fun intergenerational program, kids and adults or youth are matched in Mystery Buddy pairs, with the goal of getting to know a little more about each other every week until identities are revealed on March 24. Adults, youth, and kids who sign up to participate will choose a mystery nickname, fill out a brief questionnaire, and decorate a mailbag. Pairs will exchange clues each Sunday, March 3-24 (see attached document for some ideas.)


How does it work?

Every Sunday before service, mailbags will be out by the front doors of the church, ready to accept letters and small homemade gifts* from both older and younger buddies. After service begins, mailbags will be moved to the Parish Hall for coffee hour when participants can check their mailbags for that weeks’ clue. The event will culminate in a potluck breakfast on March 24 when Mystery Buddy identities will be discovered!

(* we ask that you spend no more than $5 over the course of the month on any gifts for your Buddy)


Who can participate?

Anyone under the age of 18 can be a “younger” buddy and anyone over 12 can be an “older” buddy (youth can choose to be an older or younger). All participants are asked to exchange at least a little clue each of the four weeks (either in person or by proxy—just let the DLRE know if you will miss a week!)


Sign up today! Clue exchanges will begin March 3. 

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