New UU Class — Week 1: Theology & Worship

Twelve participants gathered last night for the first session of our New UU Class, led by Rev. David Carl Olson and Director of Lifespan Religious Education, Becky Brooks. Our class is adapted from a new curriculum in the Tapestry of Faith series from the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). A copy of the original New UU curriculum is available online, as are other titles in the series. In our class we examined what Unitarian Universalist worship looks like in our congregation and discussed what elements we connect with and don’t. We heard an excerpt from Forrest Church’s Cathedral of the World and spent some time thinking, drawing, writing and sharing our thoughts on his metaphor. We also shared from our own histories and thoughts and look forward to more conversation as the class continues.

Each week we will post a bibliography related to the previous session’s topic. The following are some books and other resources that you might be interested in. These titles and others can be ordered at the UUA Bookstore or through your favorite bookseller.

Also check out for videos and other resources on Unitarian Universalism.

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