Michael Cross-Barnet

Before I started attending First Unitarian, I did not think of myself as “spiritual.” Now, for the first time, I have a place that helps me explore the deeper questions: what is the purpose of my life, what does it mean to be in community with others. First U makes me a more complete person.

Evelyn Bradley

A lifelong UU, I came to First Unitarian from the suburbs because of First’s location in, and focus on Baltimore, where I worked serving people living with HIV. I stay because of my relationships with wonderfully dedicated people, because I grow in my understanding of others with every encounter, because the sermons and music are inspiring, and because I believe Unitarian principles have a role in making Baltimore a better place.  

Karla Peterson

First Unitarian has been a great place to raise my children.


There is no burden too large when you have a community of shoulders!

Kathleen Flahive

My loving church home and community both anchors me and gives me wings!

Mason, 14 years old

At First Unitarian, I have the ability to meet new people and learn new things from a diverse community.

Molly Ruhlman (37 years old)

At First Unitarian, I am constantly inspired by role models — just wonderful, fun and amazing folks who I want to be like when I grow up.

Deb Doerfer

I took the adult education class called “Getting Along” last year, and the information was so useful with my biological family, but also applied to my other communities. Thanks so much!

Ted, 9 years old

Lots of friends!

Perry, 10 years old

At First Unitarian, I can find community and help without being judged.