RE Class of the Week: Sprouts!

Come join in the circle; Sprouts, Sprouts.

Come join in the circle; There’s room for everyone.

We’re so glad you’re here; We’re so glad you’re here!

Come join in the circle; There’s room for everyone!

—Opening Song

Our Sprouts class for children in preschool through kindergarten is thriving this year, using the “Discovering Year” curriculum. This curriculum offers our kids a developmentally-appropriate introduction to Unitarian Universalism by using discovery and celebration as tools to help children explore their world. Throughout the year, they will learn about religious and cultural celebrations, the wonders of nature, and a bit about their own families and the church. Like all our RE classes, the Sprouts class is led by volunteers. 

The curriculum has six goals for the children:

1. To appreciate the worth of each person, including themselves

2. To work and play cooperatively

3. To recognize and express their feelings

4. To explore and celebrate the rich diversity of humankind

5. To explore and celebrate the natural world and to understand the interconnectedness of all living things.

6. To discover and express a spiritual dimension.

Last Sunday Rebecca Wald, Karla Peterson, and Margaret Schuster led a lesson on cooperating. Their art project was a big hit, and one you can easily do at home with your own kids:

• Put a large sheet of paper in the bottom of a tray or shallow cardboard box.

• Drop just a few dollops of paint on the paper and put two marbles in the box. 

• With two people, one on either side of the box, gently tilt the box to get the marbles to roll around and through the paint. 

• Stop when you have just the right amount of art on your paper!

See you in church!

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