RE Volunteer of the Month—Melinda Walker

Melinda Walker is simply one of those folks who is always willing to help. If she can’t substitute or help with an event, it’s only because she’s doing another important job at church, for her community, or in her professional life. Many of us aspire to benevolent usefulness, but Melinda personifies it. She has been one of our best Mystery Buddies, a reliable substitute teacher, an excellent youth advising volunteer, a kind ear to children, youth, and adults, and a dedicated RE Committee member. Thanks so much Melinda, you are a gem!

RE Chair, Karla Peterson writes: I would like to nominate Melinda Walker for RE Volunteer of the month. Whoowee — what would we do without her can- do spirit? She helps out in so many different ways (the table, the committee, the parties, the youth) and she doesn’t even have a kid in the program anymore. And she is so great with kids of all ages. What an inspiration to us other parents!

Thank you Melinda! 


Have you seen an RE Volunteer go above and beyond in their work at First Unitarian? Now’s your chance to let us know in a quick and easy way! We are now accepting nominations for the RE Volunteer of the Month onlineCheck it out! Take a break today to say something nice about the folks who make our program possible!

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