Silly Marriage Laws!

Okay, so this one made me laugh!

It seems that the Fire Authority that oversees licensing at the Newington Green Unitarian Church in London has denied a license for the church building to be used for gay partnership ceremonies–but the building may legally be used to perform traditional marriages. Huh? Rev. Andy Pakula, the minister in Newington Green, wonders whether it is because gay marriages are “hotter,” or some such rationale. It couldn’t simply be bigotry, right?? The Hackney Post covers the story today, and it feels like the little humor I need in the midst of the final days of voting here in Maryland.

My dream, and that of this church community (although agreement is not required of any members), is that the marriage equality law already passed in Maryland will go into effect on January 1, 2013. This law was challenged by a citizens referendum campaign, and the law must be affirmed by the electorate next week. I plan on voting “For” Question 6. And I’ll chuckle about the outrageous bureaucratic stonewalling that my Unitarian brothers and sisters in the United Kingdom must yet endure. 

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