Our church is a safe place to grieve the loss of a loved one. Our clergy will work with the surviving family to create a funeral and interment, or memorial service which recognizes the grieving and loss that a family experiences, and to remember and celebrate the life of the deceased.

Funerals may take place at the church or in a funeral home. Interment may occur at graveside, in a funerary chapel or, in the case of cremated remains, at a columbarium. Our clergy have broad experience in a number of settings and religious and humanistic traditions to shape the ceremony.

Memorial services often happen weeks or months after death, and can give a grieving family a little more distance to remember the best things about the deceased. Memorial services often happen in either the sanctuary or Enoch Pratt Parish Hall, with receptions following in Pratt Hall or at another facility.

In some instances, the unveiling of a gravestone or other marker is done at a later date. Our clergy have experience in such unveilings at cemeteries, at benches in public parks, at seaside memorial gardens and many other venues.