“There is no Planet B—an Earth Day Celebration” Spring is rebirth, transition, some chaos. Come consider what the Earth means to us in story and song, Spring happens. What will WE do with it?

The Scandal of Solidarity

Easter Sunday From the inception of the movement surrounding Jesus of Nazareth, there has been controversy about who that man was. With his execution, the answers began to multiply, with one scandalous assertion becoming primary and normative: that this was God in the flesh. On the Christian resurrection day, we think about what it meant … Continued

All on Fire

In Unitarian Universalist Congregations we light our chalice during worship.  Then, too, in our daily lives we need to enkindle within ourselves the flame of wisdom, truth and compassion.  We are called to embody that light and melt away the icy indifference and intolerance we encounter in the world. Come learn about an undeservedly obscure Unitarian … Continued